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Daikokuya brand Tate Machida store

It is a hot topic whiskey due to the rise in the market,


Daikokuya brand Tate Machida store

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Please check some of the purchase reference prices.

Remy Martin

Remmy Martin Louis XIV The Classic (Open Box)

[Purchase reference price] ~ 225,000 yen

Remmy Martin Louis XIV Opening

[Purchase reference price] ~ 196,000 yen

Remy Martin Louis XII shell type box

[Purchase reference price] ~ 138,000 yen

Remy Martin Louis XIV square box

[Purchase reference price] ~ 129,000 yen

Remy Martin Louis XIV Berry Old Hakkon Box

[Purchase reference price] ~ 147,000 yen

Remy Martin Louis XIV Berry Old Clear Case

[Purchase reference price] ~ 147,000 yen


Hennessy Timeless Baccarat

[Purchase reference price] Inquiries

Hennessy Richard

[Purchase reference price] ~ 300,000 yen

Hennessy Richard Old Bottle

[Purchase reference price] ~ 196,000 yen

Hennessy Palady Baccarat Bottle

[Purchase reference price] ~ 130,000 yen

Hennessy Paradis Ampial

[Purchase reference price] ~ 118,000 yen

Hennessy Paradis Extra

[Purchase reference price] ~ 58,000 yen

Hennessy Paradis Extra Old Bottle

[Purchase reference price] ~ 73,000 yen

Hennessy paradise

[Purchase reference price] ~ 57,000 yen

Hennessy Paradis Old Bottle

[Purchase reference price] ~ 73,000 yen

Hennessy XO Green Bottle Gold Cap

[Purchase reference price] ~ 20,000 yen

Hennessy XO clear bottle gold cap (without unevenness)

[Purchase reference price] ~ 13,000 yen

Hennessy XO clear bottle gold cap (with unevenness)

[Purchase reference price] ~ 14,000 yen


Camumychel Royal Bakara

[Purchase reference price] ~ 142,000 yen

Camus Tradition Baccarat

[Purchase reference price] ~ 86,000 yen

Camus Jubilly Baccarat

[Purchase reference price] ~ 110,000 yen

Camus Family Legacy

[Purchase reference price] ~ 31,000 yen

Camus President Reserve

[Purchase reference price] ~ 28,000 yen


Roll de Jenmartel

[Purchase reference price] ~ 153,000 yen

Role de Martel

[Purchase reference price] ~ 55,000 yen

Martel Extra Baccarat

[Purchase reference price] ~ 125,000 yen

Martel Cordon Blue Baccarat

[Purchase reference price] ~ 65,000 yen

Martel Creation Baccarat

[Purchase reference price] ~ 200,000 yen

Martel Cover

[Purchase reference price] ~ 26,000 yen

Martel XO Cordon Sprem

[Purchase reference price] ~ 23,000 yen

[Other brand brandy]

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■ Japanese whiskey ■

Yamazaki / Hiki / Hakushu / Chita / Suntory special whiskey “Arita Yaki” “Arita Yaki” Foot / Karuizawa / Honbo Mars (Komagatake, Mars, Tsukuki) / Matsui Sake Brewery (Matsui Pure Malt, Tottori)

■ Scotch whiskey ■

McCaran / Gordon & McFile / Bowmore / Spring Bank / Port Ellen / Port Ellen / Ade Beck / Glenfidic / Glenmorange / Glenfar Class / Wild Turry / Highland Park / Johnny Walker / Rose Bank / Lagavure Legal / Sea Bath Legal / Sea Bath Legal / Seabass Inn / Seabass Cavalan / United Distillow’s / Duncantyer / Chief Tenz / Van Winkle / Sapay Side Region / Royal Salute / Benriac / The Bottraz / The Coops Choice Caden Head / Signatries / Three Rivers / Heart Brothers

■ Brandy ■

Remy Marttan / Hennessy / Camus / Cull Boge / Martel / Hein / Croise / Hardy / Paul Jiro / Goutier / Suntory Bottle Collection (Arita -yaki / Kotani ware)

■ Wine ■

DRC / Luroa / Henryae / Emmanuel, Domaine Georges Rumier / Donnaine Arman Rousseau / Cosh Duri / Bordeaux Wine / California Wine (Opas One, etc.) / Italian wine / Japan Wine / Japan Wine / Japan Wine

■ Champagne ■

Domperinon / Clug / Salon / Armand Brignac / Peliejue / Luiloderer / Laurid Pellier / Annridillo, Volanga / Teta Seros / Moe Shandon / Vouve Cryciko / Pomillic / Lanson / Angel / Soumei / Sou Mei

■ Shochu / Sake ■

Mori Izo / Maden / Demon King / Sato / Murao / Sakurai / Nichinan Musume / 14th / Black Dragon / Kikuhime / Iso Boast / Dassai / Taisho / Kubota / Hatsugame / Hatsugame / Hatsugame


* The amount is as of the update date. Please contact us by phone for the latest purchase price.

* The amount will be the amount in which accessories are ready. The amount may change depending on the age of manufacture, box, label, bottle design, storage status of goods, boxes, replacement taps, booklets, etc.

* The price is the purchase reference price of “Daikokuya brand Tate Machida Store Limited”.

* Because the amount fluctuates depending on the stock status and market price, it may differ from the actual purchase price.

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Weekdays / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10: 30-18: 30

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