Investment craze (熱 風)

The dam opened.

The money came out. Era of almost free money. People spent a lot of money and spent them into the financial and real estate markets. The money was like a reservoir. Real estate, stocks and coins around the world gained weight with the reservoir. The apartment rose up, harassing the young people. As if you don’t have feet. The stock, which touched hell once, regained blood. The crisis is over. The stock graph, which broke through the previous highs, was literally spectacular. Even if you think about it now, you will be thrilled. It was a victory for a man who had courageously jumped from early, and was creepy for those who were still stupid.

Summer 2020,

The smell of money vibrated. Rumors that a close person has 카지노사이트 swept the money, rumors that housewives have succeeded in investing in real estate and have a status in the house, and that young people earn and leave. It was a rumor that it was like a flyer that was sprinkled in the sky. And the rumors of money could not stand as if it was tickling.

After the opening of the quantitative easing,

The gap between wages and assets became serious. Then, the time when savings squeezed into investments ended, and the era of investing in the savings began. “I can’t save money as a savings interest these days,” “When to buy a house, when to get married?” Many horses rang like echoes in the big city.

Summer 2020,

The stocks and house prices that have risen up are vain. People witnessed the money making money. In front of a few pages of life, a similar colleague widered. The rich became richer. The belief in labor has been shaken. Rather, if stocks and real estate fell, there were many people who would be comfortable. Someone cried as if he was not invited to the party, and some rolled his feet. Anxiety soared in the heart, and every day, anxiety was like an instant.

The hot wind blew in the summer.

Eventually, people who did not know stocks were stimulated, laid stock apps, signed up, and connected their accounts. The unique neurological circuit that should not be left behind, or perhaps a human being, was forever a sense of crisis and jealousy. They entered the sports of bloody blood with Warren Buffett, George Soros and Ray Dalio for their own reasons. At first glance, it was a crusader who came to Jerusalem after hearing rumors that it was full of milk and honey.

They usually won.

The big rise was an escalator that rises even if it is still. Even though investment knowledge is not digested, you may not see financial statements, but you and I earned. You and I talked. The dancing story unfolded. At that time, you and I were Warren Buffett. So many people invested in debt. You can earn if you put up with it. It was the ability to make a lot of debt.

The party was opened.

Those who had fun with stocks while the self -employed, parliament, Cheong Wa Dae, and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance waved champagne during the loss of compensation. One cup for zero interest rates, one cup for quantitative easing, and the last cup is for Powell, which opened the era of quantitative easing. At that time, people tagged this tag about the Fed Chairman Powell, who opened the era of quantitative easing. ‘Money Printer’. This tag was a brief commentary on quantitative easing.

Oh, the hot air.

The media said it was called a “hot air”. The trauma of the IMF, which was prevalent in Korea, seemed to have disappeared. In the library where I worked, stock books were always booked. Subscribers of the economic broadcasting exploded, the words ‘ETF’, ‘liquidity’, ‘Tenbae (10x profit)’, ‘Don tree sister’, ‘copy of money’ were popular, and Guru and stock veterans of investments. I came to entertainment and preached my own philosophy. Someone made it fun to sell chicken, and some were subsidized by the government. Companies borrowed money cheaply and bought their own stocks and pumped their ransom. The elderly bought a coin, the college student joined the investment club, and the youth received stocks from their parents, and the nerds were proud to buy Samsung and Kakao. The Republic of Korea is neither ‘Samsung Republic’ nor the Room Salon Republic, or ‘Stock Republic’.

2022 Now,

The elders of the investment are criticizing the stock market that the stock market has turned like a casino, not an investment. Looking at the graphs of madness, their words make sense. On the other hand, while the new investors smiled and smiled behind, they were securities companies. Investors have paid a fee. The last winner in the casino was the dealer.

Then am I?

What did I do when people around me enjoyed casinos? At that time, I couldn’t smell money. No, there was no nose to take on. I didn’t know the name of the Fed chairman, I didn’t know how the economy was going, and I thought it was a sin. Bone painful facts, painful regrets. Hopefully, if you go back to that time, you will make a debt, sell the panties you are wearing, to sweep the stocks and coins. I have confidence. What the market at that time will buy something.

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