Come through the “Tatsumi Kotaro” appeal

Japanese Communist Party

Please listen to the appeal of Tatsumi Kotaro Osaka constituency candidate.

Intent Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, in Japan, there are only stories about military enhancements …

We appeal to the Japanese Communist Party “diplomatic vision” to create a peaceful society without war.

High prices … pensions are lowered and salaries do not increase …

Why is it so painful?

Under neo -liberalism, the wages of the working people are cut off, and regular employees are non -regular. Social security has been reformed, educational expenses are high in beneficiary burden, and consumption tax has been increased.

Tatsumi Kotaro is a conversion of politics from Omoto and proposes a hopeful Japan.

Looking at the world, you can see that Japan is abnormal.

Non -Japan countries reduce consumption tax (now 91 countries).

The US German -English -France is raising pensions.

The hourly wage of 1500 yen or more is the common sense of the world … the price of rice balls is the same nationwide, but the minimum wage varies. Is Osaka 992 yen? ! is.

For education expenses, it is natural to be free to universities.

Don’t make the city of Osaka a gambling town. The wish of the casino STOP is 슬롯머신 just a choice.

To Tatsumi Kotaro Candidate

From your vote,

A flow that changes politics

Let’s make it!

Terrifying Kishida

It is concluded that we will focus on the LDP’s important strategies of the Liberal Democratic Party.

= Liberal Democratic Party

, Explanation to the people = Liberal Governor’s election, the issue is a party reform -Mr. Kishida interview

Fumio Kishida, a former president of the LDP Governor, responded to interviews with the press on the 14th. In the 2019 Upper House election, Katsutari Kawai, the former Ministers and Mrs. Kawai, emphasized the 150 million yen spent by the party headquarters as “explaining to the people in writing that it is not used for acquisition.” Based on a strong criticism of the issue of politics and money, he argued that the issue of the presidential election was “party reform.”

Kishida pointed out that “we must consider the accountability, transparency, and governance reform.” He showed his idea to explain as soon as possible. He said he would also work on the revision of the Winning Congress, which calls for 40 % of parliamentarians to return 40 % of the year.

Regarding the constitutional amendment, he stated that he would “make an effort” to realize the four -item constitutional constituent compilation summarized during the Abe administration. Following the spread of the new colon virus, he said, “There may 모바일카지노 be discussions or discussions on (target).”

Regarding integrated resorts (IR), including, he argued that “it is an issue to cherish trust, local understanding, and pursue possibilities.” According to Nago City at the U.S. Army Futenma Airfield (Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture), “we must have a polite explanation.”

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