” # 60 This rarmon probability change is a full -fledged project! ? ]

hello everyone. It is a flowing traveler.

This time, we have been thinking about how many lamps and the heart of the lamps that appear at the rare monster change event held twice from September 23 to September 7 to October 10. 。 Both have a blue heart.

With the usual schedule, this time, the Megamon “Muscle Guard” was implemented, so it is a turn to think about how to collect a number of together with the strong enemy “Slot Machine”.

However, it has been announced that the muscle guard has already been announced and that a new strong enemy will be implemented on September 27. Therefore, I would like to release the article after waiting for a new strong enemy to implement it. Sorry for those who have been waiting.

Instead, I will write about the probability change that is not usually used in articles.

Raremon’s probability change has finally reached to a frame that is rarely seen in the story 9.

The story 9 has been implemented on February 5, 2021, so about a year and a half has passed, but the lamp of the lamp is still active, and it will not rot in the future.

In addition, if you look at the fact that Awakening Senri, you will definitely want to obtain the required number during the period. I wrote it in the title, but this time it is a full -fledged project.

I will write only the results at the beginning, so if you want to know only the results, please see.

Details will be described later.

3 lamps and 2

Let’s look at the performance of each heart.

[Lamps] 3

Blue/Cost 107/HP105/MP50/Power 100/Protection 41/Wand Demon 20/Ten Demon 17/Speed ​​134/dexterity 145

Special effects: Slashing / body skills+10%, Dane slashing, body skill+10%, Gibalia resistance+10%, attack reduced resistance+10%

As I wrote at the beginning, about a year and a half has passed since the implementation is still active.

There are many strong points, but the list is as follows.

・ High versatility

・ Sprinkle is top class

・ Dane’s strongest set

・ It can also be used for breath set

・ Gibalia attribute 10%

・ There are no special weak points

・ Awakening may come in the future

The exceptional performance of skill slashing / body damage+10%, power 100, and square 134.

There are many skill slashes and body skills+10%, but they have a outstanding lineage, and they are active in all scenes as well as laps.

Especially in Awakening Senri, smoothness is an important point. If you fill it in the appropriate frame, you can increase the lightness of 161 points, which enhances the possibility of preemptive action.

Blue hearts are fierce, and in occupations that are mainly blue heart frames such as rangers and pirates, they can be used together with other blue heart, but in other occupations they will compete for rainbow frames.

Speaking of the same rivals in the same blue heart, “Ice Heaven Grizzard”. Grizzards are 12%damage source if they are limited to slashing, so they exceed the lamp. However, only 5%of body skills can be differentiated.

If you think about your special weapons, the pirates are relatively slashed (ax, spear, etc.), the ranger is relatively close to the body (such as claws, whip, etc.), and it goes well with a ranger with a high party recruitment rate. It is one of the charms.

Also, since the grizzard has a cost of 122, the ramp is in the cost of 107, so the lamp recruitment rate is dominant in content with cost -raising and cost -restricted content. If you attack with your body skills such as a ranger, the extraordinary kage described later is cost 15, so it will be 122 for the cost of the lamp, and it will fit at the cost of one grizzard. Ahika Kage increases the skill body skill by 10%, so if you combine it with the lamp, you can use your body damage by 20%. It is quite powerful.

Next, it plays a corner of the strongest set of Dane. In addition to having high versatile skill slashing and body skills+10%, it also has a Dane slash / body skill+10%, so a total of 20%of Dane slashing and body skills are served. I can. I think that it will not be out of the strongest set of Dane in the future because it is this parameter.

For this reason, even in the struggle for rainbow frames mentioned above, the rainbow frame will be the choice of the lamp, so it will not be a bite.

Next, it may be surprising, but at this time it is compatible with most breath weapons.

As I often wrote on this blog, the bracing damage -up is not yet abundant. Considering that the power is used for breath damage calculation, this heart boasts a total of 245 points at the power of 145, and a total of 245 points, and if you have trouble with the heart set when you equip a breath weapon, priority is priority. It is listed as a heart to be packed.

Subsequently, such highly versatile (powerful) hearts have not had attributes and systemic resistance recently, but this heart has Gibalia resistance. Moreover, it has a valuable 10%. Therefore, if the enemy uses Zivari Skill, it will be a priority.

The biggest attraction is that there is no special weakness when you comment on the lamp of the lamp.

The parameters are also expensive in addition to the versatility. It can handle both slashing, body skills, and breath.

It is easy to take first strike because it has a high speed. Attribute resistance can also be obtained. There are many good points, but there are no weaknesses. Speaking strongly, except for the ranger and pirates, the blue heart can only be put into the rainbow frame, so it will be a competition.

Because it is such a heart, I definitely want to secure the attacker.

In this blog, the minimum goals are often set to two, but this time it is much more efficient than collecting it in a rare frame that is rarely seen because it is a rare change, so the goal is greedy and judged three. did.

Still, it is worth working hard, and the heart of the frame S that you rarely see 3 people already get 15,000 heart pearl points, so there is no way to do it.

Finally, this is only a delusion, but we will consider the possibility of Awakening Senri.

In the framework that you can’t see, a killer machine (chapter 5) and an arm lion (chapter 7) are already implemented. If you make it an odd number as it is, the next is Chapter 9, so it will be the seriousness of the lamp.

Of course, it’s just a coincidence, so the awakening of Odoru Hoseki (Chapter 6) and Boison (Chapter 8), which many players are looking forward to, may be first, but eventually the lamps will come in. Yes. It is so strong in the state of the elementary, so if you awaken, it will definitely be further transformed. When the awakening comes, “I don’t have it!”, And above all, it’s already a top -class heart at the moment, so new, return and lights should go to secure as much as possible.

However, there is no challenge in the first place unless the rare monster change is digested until the specified story quest. The ramps of the lamp must be advanced to the 9th Chapter of Story.

Therefore, the real new person may not be able to play this time. I’m sorry for that, but conversely, I would be grateful if you could read this blog and be motivated to clear up to 9 chapters as soon as possible.

[Ayakai Kage] 2

Blue/Cost 15/HP19/MP13/Power 11/Protection 10/offense 6/Time Demon 6/Fast 20/dextery 15

Special effect: Skill body skill+10%, total attribute resistance+7%

It is a low cost frame and is not versatile.

Speaking of the attack side, it has a skill body skill+10%, so it is good to compatibility with a ranger, but it is a good idea to consider it as a body of body skills because you can not increase skill slashing.

In that case, this blog often has one minimum goal (for collection), but this time it is judged that it is two. There are three main reasons.

The first point is that it has precious all attribute resistance. And 7%.

That doesn’t mean there are scenes that can be used frequently, but I want to keep a rare heart. In particular, it may be used for content restrictions such as Awakening Senri, especially because it has a low cost+10%. At that time, if the total attribute resistance is+7%, I think that it is an extra ability to say “bonus”.

The second point is that it is difficult to obtain with normal collection.

You who think, “Is it a frame that you don’t see much?” That’s right, but that’s not all about crazy kage.

Ayaka Kage is a monster that appears at night, which is the same specification as Bone Night, where Awakening Senri is currently being held. You may have experienced the experience of “I saw a kage spot in Min Dora, so if I visited it!”

In other words, there are some restrictions to collect with normal collection, as the frames of the same frame that are not often seen are died day and night. However, rare monsters are valuable opportunities 카지노사이트 to collect them with the specified monsters as a spot.

There is no way to miss this opportunity.

The third point is the area of ​​delusion, just like the lamp, but it is awakened.

What was the reason for choosing a mess at this time? And the currently held bone night is a slot that is not seen very much and is a night appearance frame. If you use that area, you may think that there is one chan.

If that happens, it may be transformed. Bone Night did not break the performance after awakening, but if it is implemented based on the failure, it may bring different results.

Does the body damage increase or a slash damage? If you think about whether the attribute / system special effect is made or whether the total attribute resistance is promoted to 10%, you will just want to think about it.

Therefore, the minimum goal was judged to be two.


In September, the bad weather will continue.

Of course, there are people who have been damaged by it, so I shouldn’t say that in general, but September is the most rainfall month in the first year, so everyone pays close attention. Let’s enjoy the walk.

It was a casino for such a time (laughs)

I already have three of the lamps, so it’s the purpose of the heart pearl point.

On the other hand, I am a heart collector, but in fact, the sikage S is not. Since it is a possession of A2 and C2, I will definitely hold two at this timing.

Until now, the only thing that has been a rare monster has been a Melerizer, but it has been burning for the first time in a long time! I’m going to do my best in my home and near the nearest station, and I’m going to do my best to quit the trailer.

Is the aim of everyone (especially new, return, light)?

I hope you can secure 3 or 4 pieces at this time. I pray the good fight.

This time is over. Then next time.

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